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INDIANAPOLIS — Indiana lawmakers have returned to the statehouse for the second day of the special session.

Thousands of people gathered Monday to protest a proposed abortion ban. On Tuesday, lawmakers will begin discussing possible changes to the bill. In its current form, the bill makes exceptions in cases of rape, incest and when there’s a “substantial permanent impairment of the life of the mother.”

The Senate Rules Committee considered an amendment to the abortion bill that sets deadlines for abortions in rape and incest cases. They would only be allowed up to 12 weeks post-fertilization if the pregnant person is under age 16 and up to 8 weeks for those age 16 and older.

That amendment passed with a 7-5 vote. Senator Messmer was the only Republican to join all Democrats on the committee in voting against the amendment. While going no, Senate Minority Leader Greg Taylor became emotional, saying it will “traumatize” victims again.

The committee also passed an amendment that would require the affidavits signed for abortions under the rape and incest exceptions to stay in a patient’s permanent health record.

The Senate Rules Committee passed the legislation with a 7-5 vote, despite concerns raised by several Republicans who voted in favor of it. It now heads to the full state Senate for consideration.

Also happening Tuesday, State lawmakers will begin considering ways to provide help to Hoosiers during high inflation. House Republicans are introducing a bill that would give Indiana taxpayers a $225 refund. This is what Governor Eric Holcomb proposed in June.

Senate Republicans, however, are introducing a plan that would instead cap the sales tax on gas and temporarily suspend the sales tax on residential utility bills.

Budget officials say only about half of taxpayers have received their automatic tax refund so far because of issues dealing with paper shortages to get checks mailed out. They are asking for money to get help with logistical challenges if the bill passes. They didn’t say they were against the payments being made.

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