INDIANAPOLIS — Sewing is just like driving a car: there’s a gas pedal and a steering wheel.

That’s according to Valerie Salmon, owner of A Sewing Studio in Carmel, who has been teaching kids and teens to sew for about a decade.

Maybe your kids aren’t ready to drive, but if you’re looking for something fun and educational to keep them busy, sign them up for one Salmon’s classes or camps.

She offers weekly classes, as well as summer camps with varying projects and themes. She hosts birthday parties and classes for Girl Scout troops. Her students range in age from 6 years olds up to about 15.

Salmon designs the sewing projects herself and creates her own patterns. Sewing, aside from being fun, she said, teaches kids valuable skills like patience and self confidence.

A Sewing Studio is located in the Village of West Clay in Carmel. Use the code ‘INDYNOW’ for a 10% discount on summer camps.