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INDIANAPOLIS — We’re not talking backpack and pencils. Those are already on your list, most likely.

Parenting contributor Carly Dorogi shared some unique items for back-to-school that can help kids build confidence, manage anxiety and get excited about reading (plus one that’s a treat for mom).

They include:

  • Adaptive clothing — For kids required to wear uniforms, the brand French Toast offers an adaptive line that allows kids with disabilities, dexterity or sensory issues to get dressed independently.
  • Socks with a message — Notes to Self is a line of positive affirmation socks with fun, upbeat and inspirational messages. Kind of like that note you leave in the lunchbox, except on their feet. Use Dorogi’s discount code ‘MOMSDEAL10’ for 10% off.
  • Calming products — A company called Calm Strips makes a sensory tool that kids can stick on a notebook or computer (almost anywhere), touching the textured surface when they feel anxious, restless or fidgety. The strips are used by about 5,000 school already, and they’re helpful for kids with ADHD. Right now, all education items are 30% off for back to school.
  • Reading tech — Osmo from BYJU’s Reading Adventure is a tool designed to get your kids excited about reading, combining speech recognition with physical books. The game adapts to different skill levels and progresses along with your child, providing customized instruction.

Visit Dorogi’s website for more mom-approved products and advice.