Indy Mike G

INDIANAPOLIS — For this week’s “Where is Mike G?” segment, food and lifestyle influencer Mike Gillis shared his three favorite locally-owned coffee shops in downtown Indy.

Without further ado:

  • Commissary — This New York Street spot, close to Mass Ave., is small and intimate with a good vibe, Gillis said. The baristas are super creative about coming up with new drinks, so the menu changes often.
  • Bovaconti Coffee — Located in Fountain Square, this coffee shop is vibrant inside with both indoor and outdoor places to sit, as well as an area in the back that’s darker where Gillis said it’s easier for him to get work done.
  • Kaffeine Coffee — This one is a little off the beaten path on Fulton Street, a couple blocks from College and Mass Ave. Gillis said it’s a low-key spot with big garage doors that let lots of light in. Kaffeine is a great spot to hold meetings, he said, and they also have very good coffee and pastries.

Gillis also included an honorable mention: Parlor Public House on Ohio Street. It’s a popular coffee spot that’s lively and bright with a ton of plants, but Gillis gives it the honorable mention in this category because he prefers the vibe there at night when they’re serving cocktails.

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