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INDIANAPOLIS — Joey Bauchle became interested in henna as a child, made it a hobby as she got older and eventually turned it into a successful business.

“It’s kind of a lifelong passion of mine,” said Bauchle, artist and owner of JoHenna Design in Broad Ripple. “I’ve been getting henna since I was 6 years old and started doing henna 10 years ago.”

Bauchle does both henna and jagua tattooing. Both are natural, plant-based dyes for the skin that last one to three weeks, but henna has a reddish-brown color and jagua looks dark blue or black. Henna originated in Asia, the Middle East and parts of Africa, she said, while jagua’s roots are in South America.

To celebrate 10 years of artistry, Bauchle is hosting an anniversary art and vendor event on Aug. 21 from noon to 4 p.m. at VisionLoft Events in downtown Indy. The event will feature fellow local artists and artisans selling artwork, clothing, jewelry, handmade items and more.

Visit the JoHenna Design website for more information about the event or to buy tickets.

Bauchle’s studio space in Broad Ripple is located within the Little Studio, and you can also find her at public events and art shows. Henna parties and classes are available, or you can book Bauchle for a private event.