INDIANAPOLIS — If you’re an animal lover, this starts out sad but has a happy ending.

We’ll start with the sad: It’s estimated that 99% of pot-bellied pigs are dumped, surrendered or rehomed before their first birthday.

Pigs have a difficult time adjusting to change, and when they’re sad they cry actual tears.

The good news: There’s a farm in Brownsburg that rescues and rehabilitates these pigs, along with other animals. The nonprofit Oinking Acres Farm Rescue & Sanctuary is currently home to 89 rescue pigs, two cows, a donkey, a miniature pony, a peacock, a pheasant, a turkey and more.

“Sounds like Noah’s Ark,” Indy Now Co-Host Ryan Ahlwardt said.

Oinking Acres founder Olivia and volunteer Denelle brought a pot-bellied pig named Matilda with them to the show. Matilda was very sad when she was surrendered, they said, but she’s happy today at the sanctuary. She loves watermelon and baby pools, but she can’t stand onions.

If you’d like to help Oinking Acres, the nonprofit can always use donations, Olivia said. Tours are open to the public for a $10 donation per person, and they must be booked in advance. The farm is always in need of donations like blankets, towels and comforters, too.

The farm is active on social media, so you can follow all the happenings on Facebook or Instagram.