INDIANAPOLIS — A Brownsburg woman is using her passion for decorating to grow her business.

Presley Pullan started her charcuterie business Brie & Bartlett after a fundraiser for an animal rescue sold enough boxes in 20 minutes to cover treatments for a feral colony. She realized she was onto something.

Pullan says her biggest passions aside from food are animals and decorating. She loves being extra and making things the prettiest she can be.

“They’re not usually things you would see on a menu, let alone together on the same one, but I love the idea that anyone can come in for any reason and walk away with what they wanted,” said Pullan.

Pullan says her best friend is French and her husband is English. This built her fascination with all things European and fancy. It also inspired what she uses on her charcuterie boards.

A lot of her menu items are French names. That is because she wanted to stick with the European bistro vibe. She also has items for every member of the family, including the pets. She offers a BARKcuterie with items such as treats, cheese and dried meat.

Brie & Bartlett is offering deals for Easter and graduation. The boxes that usually go for $130 are on sale for $110. People can find out more by visiting her website