CARMEL, Ind. — Some of us are great chefs; others not so much.

If cooking isn’t your thing (or maybe you’re short on time) a place called the “chop shop” at Needler’s Fresh Market can help you eat healthy with less effort.

The *dream team* of CEO Michael Needler and Indy Now Co-host Ryan Ahlwardt hung around the Carmel store Wednesday to talk about what you’ll find in this section, including ready-to-eat fresh salads, fruit and veggie trays, grab-and-go yogurt parfaits, and pre-chopped fruits and vegetables to reduce the amount of time you spend in the kitchen.

The salads are not just iceberg and a few veggies. The Needler’s chefs use a variety of greens, meats and flavors to create unique combinations like the buffalo salad with roasted cauliflower that’s vegetarian but tastes like chicken wings.

Later in the show, these two went in the opposite direction completely, checking out treats and sweets at Lemon’s Bakery Cafe, which is located inside the store. Even if you’re a healthy eater, everyone needs to treat themselves once in a while, right?

Lemon’s sells homemade cookies, brownies, donuts, ice cream sundaes, root beer floats and more using ingredients from local farms and suppliers. Shoppers can also pick up coffee or teas to sip on as they get groceries.

For more information on Needler’s or to find the store closest to you, go to

*The dream team description is completely biased, unofficial and personal opinion, but we stand by it.