INDIANAPOLIS — There are four important numbers to track every so often to make sure your finances are in good shape, Andy Mattingly of Forum Credit Union tells us.

In the latest Smart Money Minute, Mattingly suggests checking in once or twice a year on your credit score, retirement savings, emergency fund capacity and net worth.

He also explained how to assess those numbers and whether you’re on track to meet your financial goals.

Is my credit score good?

Credit scores range from 300-800, Mattingly said, and just like bowling, the higher the better. The first milestone to aim for is 725 or above, where you’ll get much better offers and interest rates. If you get to 800, your offers and rates will be the best of the best.

Have I saved enough for retirement?

For retirement savings, look at your gross income (meaning before taxes). Aim to have an amount equal to that in your retirement fund by age 30, five to seven times that by age 50 and 10-13 times by 67.

How much should be in my emergency fund?

Emergency fund capacity means the number of months you could cover expenses with savings if you lost your income. A great goal is at least three months of expenses, Mattingly said, a stretch goal is nine months.

What is my net worth?

Net worth equals cash plus possessions minus debt. It’s not uncommon to have a negative net worth when you’re younger, but strive to get that in the positive. He suggests a goal of your age times your gross income divided by 10.