Chef Kelsey Murphy

INDIANAPOLIS — Peanut butter is Chef Kelsey Murphy’s favorite food, so who better to join us for National Reese’s Lovers Day?

The winner of “MasterChef: Legends” and owner of Inspo, a new restaurant in the Fishers Test Kitchen, shared simple, no-bake treats you can make with your favorite Reese’s candy.

There’s Reese’s popcorn for those who love the sweet and salty combo; cookie butter that you can eat with a spoon or with graham crackers; Reese’s bars with graham cracker, peanut butter, sugar and melted chocolate; and no-churn ice cream you can make with three ingredients.

You can find the recipes on Murphy’s website, as well as some of her other favorite dishes.

As for Inspo, Murphy said the new restaurant is doing great so far. She’s planning a menu overhaul for the week of Memorial Day, adding in summer favorites like and Indiana tenderloin and a BLT.