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INDIANAPOLIS — Why are some retinols more expensive than others? What kind of SPF should I use if I’m prone to breakouts?

With so many products and treatments on the market, it’s tough to know what’s best for your skin, so our friends at Clarity MD dropped by to clear things up (no pun intended).

We asked Indy Now viewers to submit their top skin care questions, and here’s a summary of what Clarity MD aestheticians Charisse Alexander and Genevieve Smith had to say.

What service would you recommend for a med spa newbie?

Start with a classic facial so your aesthetician can get a feel for your skin. You can also use this time like a consultation, asking questions about your biggest skin care concerns.

Other than SPF, what is something small we can do daily to protect our skin?

Vitamin C is phenomenal as a protective barrier, for brightening, and to help your skin repair itself.

Are all retinols created equally? Why are the products at the spa so much more expensive than the drug store versions?

Not all retinols are equal. To start, there are different strengths. A beginner who’s never used retinol might want to start with a 0.025% strength and work their way up.

Spa brands are more expensive because of the additional time and research that goes in to proving they work. The process of testing and peer reviews comes at an extra cost.

What kind of SPF won’t cause your skin to break out?

There are two kinds of SPF products: chemical SPFs that are absorbed into your skin and mineral SPFs that stay on the surface. If you have any issues with breakouts, use a mineral SPF.