INDIANAPOLIS — Feeling crafty? Get a group together for a DIY party that comes to you.

Pine2Posh brings all the supplies you need to create customized wooden signs, plus the expertise to help you along. Your guests can choose from more than 100 projects — and not everybody has to make the same thing.

“It’s just fun seeing people have a great time and not feel like it has to be perfect,” April Dupont, the Indy-area owner and operator, said. “Our motto is kind of like imperfectly perfect.”

The wooden signs can be personalized with your family name or other details unique to you, Dupont said, with the goal of creating artwork you’re actually excited to hang up at home.

You need a minimum of five guests for a party, and the largest party the company has done thus far had more than 70 people.

Pine2Posh was founded in 2017, and the first consultants were in the Boston area. If you’re interested in booking a party, mention seeing them on Indy Now for a 10% discount.