INDIANAPOLIS — Emily Gartner shows us how you can make some amazing denim jackets through upcycling, inspired by International Women’s Day.

Gartner, an artist and fashion designer, was getting ready for her solo show called “Wild Women’s Wearables” at Harrison Center for the Arts, but it was taking forever for the fabric to be printed. So she decided to use scraps from her studio to repurpose denim jackets.

The public reaction to the jackets was much bigger than she expected.

“They started taking over my website and my social media, and people wanted to buy them before I was barely getting finished with them,” she said. “And I’m like, “OK, I’m cool with that.”

Now, Gartner is taking advantage of the popularity to give back. A portion of the proceeds from each jacket goes toward creating a women’s empowerment grant. Anyone who buys a jacket can vote for their favorite female-owned business to be a recipient.

Check out the jackets and learn more about Gartner here.