INDIANAPOLIS — Mandy Crandell found herself bored in the evenings after she started her first job in 2007, so she began experimenting with making miniature dolls.

Her first was the Lydia Deetz character from “Beetlejuice,” and now you’ll find everything from Care Bears to Michael Myers dolls on her Etsy store, PlanetGloom.

She’s inspired by pop culture icons of the 80s and 90s, both real and fictional. Her creations include E.T., Courtney Love, Fraggle Rock, Mariah Carey and Jessica Rabbit — to name just a few.

Indy Now Hosts Jillian Deam and Ryan Ahlwardt even got their own dolls when Crandall visited the show Wednesday. She nailed the details, right down to actual outfits they have worn on the show, Ryan’s tall hair and the Indy Now coffee mugs they carry around.

Crandall can be hired for custom work, too. Some clients choose to have dolls made in the likeness of family or friends, either to keep or give as gifts.

Browse her collection at Follow her on Facebook or Instagram at @planetgloom or on TikTok at @planetgloomdolls.