INDIANAPOLIS — Check out Jillian Cruise over here.

Film Yap Christopher Lloyd helped Indy Now Host Jillian Deam accessorize in true Maverick fashion in anticipation of Tuesday’s home release of “Top Gun: Maverick.”

Lloyd is running a contest on his website to give away multiple Blu-ray copies of the film, plus one grand prize pack with the shades and hat Jillian was sporting, among many other items.

As always, Friday’s Film Yap segment gave us the low-down on the latest to hit theaters and streaming. This week’s reviews include:

  • “Till” — The story of Emmitt Till and what his mother did after his death to move Civil Rights forward. Lloyd puts this powerful, moving film in his top 10 for the year.
  • “My Policeman” — A Prime Video period piece starring Harry Styles, a policeman who falls in love with a school teacher but later finds himself in something of a love triangle after he befriends a museum curator and the relationship turns romantic. He calls it a “sumptuous,” great-looking period film that is well acted.
  • “Call Jane” — Another period piece, this one about women seeking abortions in the era before Roe vs. Wade. Lloyd says the movie does a great job of telling the women’s stories without being too preachy or polarizing.

Lloyd also discusses the “Prey for the Devil” horror film, Korean film “Decision to Leave” and Netflix animated film “Wendell & Wild.”