INDIANAPOLIS — Father’s Day is the official kickoff of the Sunday barbecue series at Fishers Test Kitchen.

The series is a collaboration between Inspo Owner and “MasterChef: Legends” winner Kelsey Murphy and Gordito’s Rust Belt Tacos & Tortas Owner Levi Kinney.

Guests can build their own combos from favorites like ribs, collard greens, mac and cheese, smoked chicken, braised pork shoulder, creamy coleslaw with a kick, and brisket with a hickory-smoked adobo rub. There are five different sauce offerings, including Kinney’s spicy peach morita barbecue sauce.

(In case you’re wondering, the food is Jillian Deam tested and approved.)

Murphy and Kinney said they love working in the Fishers Test Kitchen because it’s a creative space where chefs can experiment with new recipes, have fun with food and bounce ideas off one another.

“It’s really fun to have experienced chefs, great cooks to work with. You know, you get to pull something off the line and say, ‘Hey, try this real quick,”’ Kinney said.

“The clientele is really awesome, super receptive to the new ideas we come up with,” he added. “And they love to try new things, so being able to get that feedback from guests is also super fun.”