It’s dads and grads time. If you are looking for a cool gift, check out these ideas.

First up is the world’s first self-charging solar-powered headphones. These are the Urbanista Los Angeles. They have a solar band, so whether you’re inside or outside, they’re perpetually charging. You never have to charge them.

If you’re looking to share your music, check out the Luminaid Sunfox solar Bluetooth speaker. It’s a great little speaker, but it also has a solar cell on the back, so you can have it playing continuous music while it’s in the sun. You can also charge it by plugging it in. It’s got a great sound and it’s waterproof. On top of that, it also floats.

The same company, Illuminate has provided solar lanterns and phone chargers to people in need in more than a hundred countries, including most recently Ukraine.

Mosquitoes can ruin any day. That’s why Bite Away is such a great gift idea. It uses heat to shut down the bite reaction, that histamine reaction. You just find the bug bite, place Bite Away on top of it, push the button when the light comes on, and then goes off, it’s over. It reduces the itching, swelling, and pain of having a bug bite.

This is FDA-cleared. The temperature is about 124 degrees, which is warm, but it’s certainly not as hot as a cup of coffee, which is 180 degrees.

If the person you’re getting a gift for hates mushy ice cream, this is a gift for them. Calicle Cups are thermal cups for ice cream. They also keep things hot like gravy, just an all-around very handy.

If you’re looking for a smart alarm clock, check out the Sandman Doppler Smart Alarm Clock. It has an Amazon voice assistant built into it. In the back are six USB ports, which means you don’t need a power strip next to your bed.

It has powerful premium speakers and some cool features. Some of the features include weather on the screen. You can even change the screen colors.

if you’re looking for a powerful gift, check out the Geneverse Homepower One. It is a personal generator. You can use it indoors, as it doesn’t take gasoline. It doesn’t put out any fumes.

To charge it, either plug it into a home outlet, your car, or you can get solar panels and charge it up with the sun. Once it’s charged, it will hold that charge for up to a year and you can then run your appliances or anything you need in your house for about seven days.

It can power a refrigerator, your home wi-fi, and charge your smartphones and tablets. With the crazy weather we’ve been having lately and all the power outages, this is turning into a must-have.

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