Indy Now is teaming up with the Hoosier Lottery to celebrate Hoosier Heroes.  This campaign highlights people who are going out of the way to do something positive in their community.

Palak Shah is a physical therapist at Community Hospital South.   She organized a book drive to help new parents connect with their newborns, especially those in the Newborn Intensive Care Unit, or NICU.  Those parents are often looking for ways to bond with their babies that might not involve physical touch, so Shah created a campaign to give them children’s books, and allow them to connect with their babies by reading aloud.

Shah says her hope is to spread the word about the value of reading books to babies, and to communicate that parents don’t have to wait until the children are old enough or healthy enough to sit in their laps.   Community Hospital South expects about 2,000 babies to be born there every year, so the need is always growing, and donations are accepted year-round by the hospital’s volunteer team.