TIPTON, Ind. — We might not be painting pros, but it helps to look the part, right?

Indy Now Hosts Jillian Deam and Ryan Ahlwardt took the assignment one step further than necessary, as we tend to do, by transforming themselves into superhero versions of painters.

We dropped by Heritage Custom Painting’s job in Tipton to talk to Owners Jason Humrichous and Jason Finney about how they help clients choose the right color, how long a typical project takes, and how the warranty process works.

Humrichous said the hardest thing for many clients is choosing a color. Looking at a swatch is enough for some customers, while others need a second or third opinion or a computer rending of the final look to feel confident in their choice.

Finney said Heritage guarantees their work and covers anything that might go wrong with the painting job. Rather than waiting for your call, the company reaches out after 30 days, 90 days and even a year to make sure you’re happy.

Heritage Custom Painting is based in Tipton but works throughout Central Indiana painting exteriors, interiors and cabinets.