INDIANAPOLIS — Shelby Lorch, owner of the Indianapolis-based Walking Waffle Company, said that her company and the food it offers originated in the Belgian city of Liège.

On today’s Indy Now segment, Lorch explained that in Liège, people walk around the street eating handheld waffles as if they were cookies. This inspired her to bring this tradition over to the US and Indianapolis in the form of the Walking Waffle Company.

Located at pop-up markets throughout the city, the Walking Waffle Company offers fresh-made, portable Belgian waffles with sugar that carmelizes on top while cooking.

“We have Americanized them a bit,” Lorch said Monday, referencing how the company also offers toppings such as powdered sugar or fresh fruit. However, Lorch said they also taste good plain due to the way they are made.

For more information on the Walking Waffle Company, visit their Facebook page here.