INDIANAPOLIS — “MasterChef: Legends” winner Kelsey Murphy of Fishers recently launched an online series teaching kitchen basics, so today she taught us the proper way to cut an onion.

“I think so many people underestimate the basics in the kitchen,” said Murphy, also owner of Inspo restaurant in the Fishers Test Kitchen. “When you learn how to do things properly it makes you more comfortable in the kitchen, more confident.”

This technique was new to Indy Now hosts Jillian Deam and Ryan Ahlwardt. The idea behind the method is that you get evenly diced pieces quickly and efficiently.

Always start with a sharp knife, Murphy advised, and make sure you’re not cutting all the way through the “hairy butt” of the onion at first. (You]re just going to have to watch the video for the explanation on that one, although it’s kind of easy to figure out when you look at an onion.

Ryan excelled at this challenge, but our girl Jillian had a slight mishap along the way. She promises to watch Murphy’s videos and study up to perfect her craft.

To learn more about Murphy and browse her recipes, visit her website.