INDIANAPOLIS — Cyntia Onuoha has advice on how to pick the best foundation — and it’s not the ‘try it on your wrist’ method you’ve probably been told.

“In a perfect world the color of your wrist would be the color of your face and your neck and your chest, but we don’t live in that world,” Onuoha, owner of the Indy-based Chibeke Cosmetics, said. “At times we’re different colors, different shades. We have skin issues or sun damage.”

Instead, she recommends testing colors on your cheek. Swab the color on your cheek, then dab it in circles with a beauty blender to see how it blends.

Onuoha has been doing makeup for about 13 years. She started with YouTube tutorials at the age of 15, experimenting and learning as she went along.

She started her own makeup line to help everyone feel beautiful, whether they’re experienced with makeup or not.

“I meet a lot of people that, for them, makeup is scary. It’s hard. It’s confusing. And they’re really overwhelmed. I didn’t like that,” she said.

The Chibeke line now has 21 shades of foundation, and all of those are on sale through June 27.