INDIANAPOLIS — Mike Kinney nearly lost his life 20 years ago in a fiery car crash.

He was driving behind a friend, who glanced in the rearview mirror to see Kinney’s truck veer off the road, through a hollow tree and into a telephone pole, bursting into flames.

Kinney, a singer, songwriter and speaker, didn’t speak much about the accident until about three years ago, when he was asked to tell the story at his church. That experience convinced him that his story might be able to help other people find purpose and hope.

His book, “Out of the Fire: How an Angel and a Stranger Intervened to Save a Life,” was published last month. The book can be purchased on his website,, as well as through retailers including Amazon, Target and Barnes and Noble.

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Kinney was rescued from the burning truck with little time to spare. Knocked unconscious with what would later turn out to be a brain injury, Kinney said the front of the truck had completely smashed in, pinning his legs underneath the dashboard.

The friend driving in front of him stopped, but he wasn’t able to pull Kinney out of the vehicle alone, so he ran to the road to flag down a stranger passing by. Together, the two men were able to free Kinney just before the truck became fully engulfed in flames.