INDIANAPOLIS — A Kid Again is a nonprofit that provides group adventures for families of children with life-threatening conditions.

Katie Pappas, executive director of the Indiana chapter, said the nonprofit is unique because their monthly adventures are large group outings that give families in similar situations the chance to meet and bond.

The most recent outing was a trip to the Fort Wayne Zoo for 90 families. Upcoming activities include a trip to King’s Island and a visit to the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis.

Any family who has a child with a life-threatening condition is eligible to enroll and participate. The conditions range from cancer to rare diseases to type 1 diabetes. Enrolled families can participate in monthly activities all year at no cost. The entire family is invited, including siblings.

Pappas said her favorite part of working for the organization is getting to know the families and seeing them enjoying themselves, despite difficult circumstances.

“They are so brave. They get up every day knowing that there’s a struggle in front of them, but they have such a positive attitude and a joy for life. And when you see them at adventures and you see them smiling, it’s worth it,” she said.

For more information or to enroll, visit A Kid Again’s website or call 317-759-3560.