INDIANAPOLIS — Outdoor gear can be expensive, and then you need space to store it, but a new service in Indiana is matching people who own equipment with people who want to rent it.

Co-Founders Josh Roche and John Laughlin describe Quiptu as a peer-to-peer platform much like Airbnb, except renting outdoor equipment like kayaks, camping sets and bikes, rather than vacation homes.

Gear owners make a little extra money on the side, while renters get the equipment they need to enjoy outdoor activities without having to shell out hundreds or thousands of dollars.

The service is now available in Indianapolis, Bloomington, Fort Wayne and South Bend. Renters can arrange either to pick up the equipment or have it dropped off.

Visit to browse equipment rentals available now or to list your equipment for rent. First-time customers can use the code ‘Quiptu10$’ for a $10 discount.

Follow the company on Facebook or Instagram at @quiptu, or call them with questions at 317-210-0335.