INDIANAPOLIS — An Indy organization is spreading the word about opportunities for blind and visually impaired Hoosiers to stay active in the summer and participate in outdoor sports.

Jared Woodward of Bosma Enterprises and Kelsey Whirley, a client of the organization, visited the show Friday to talk about adaptive sports like biking, swimming, rowing and even baseball.

There are tandem bikes people can ride with a sighted guide, for example, or games of “beep baseball” where the ball beeps and the bases buzz.

Bosma provides a variety of services for people who are blind or visually impaired, including helping people find employment, prepare for employment and go through rehabilitation services. The organization also serves as a support community for clients.

“It’s been fun to be around lots other visually impaired people,” said Whirley, a rehabilitation client. “It’s really cool to go somewhere every day and start to build confidence toward doing everyday activities and feeling better in everyday life.”

Her advice for others with vision impairment: “Just don’t let anything hold you back. You want to think about the life that would live and you need to do those same activities every day. … Really, you can do everything and you can’t be stopped.”

To learn more about Bosma’s services or to be connected to community resources for adaptive sports and other activities, visit the website, call 866-602-6762 or connect on social media at @BosmaEnterprises.