INDIANAPOLIS — The owners of United State of Indiana apparel company also happen to run the Indiana State Fair’s official gift shop every year.

Owners Graham Brown and Grant Gilman design fun clothing, accessories and souvenirs you can pick up at the fair or on their website now.

This year’s line includes t-shirts in their signature style like the tie-dye “Lemon Shake Up” shirt and one that reads “Indiana State Fair/A good place to pick up chicks.” (Get it?) There are hats, onesies, stuffed animals, pins, mugs, umbrellas, collectible lunch boxes and even bacon flip flops.

If you want to order online or send some State Fair memorabilia to a Hoosier who can’t make it this year, use the discount code ‘FAIRNOW’ at through July 31 for free shipping.

Follow the company on Facebook or Instagram at @unitedstateofindiana.