INDIANAPOLIS — What is a Patagonian cavy, you ask? Technically rodents, they have bodies like hoofed animals, they hop like bunnies and they give off kangaroo vibes.

Amazon John from Silly Safari Shows brought this adorable, 1-month-old cavy so we could hold him and bottle feed him. (Cavy is a fancy word for guinea pig, Amazon John explains. These long-legged types, also known as Patagonian maras, are native to Central and South America).

This little guy has it made in the shade except for one thing: He needs a name. If you’ve got a clever idea, tell us below and we’ll share it with Silly Safaris. We can’t promise they’ll pick one of our suggestions, but it wouldn’t be the first time Indy Now viewers named an animal.

Amazon John in the founder and president of Silly Safaris, which puts on live conservation education shows throughout Indiana. Silly Safaris performs for schools, libraries, public events, birthday parties and more. Visit the website to learn more, or connect with Silly Safaris on social.

Name that rodentia!