INDIANAPOLIS — Pam Rodgers of Richmond had a lifelong bad habit of biting her nails, so she started wearing nail polish to break it.

“Nothing like nursing school to make you realize that it’s really gross,” said Rodgers, now a full-time nurse practitioner. “I quickly discovered there were more colors I wanted that I couldn’t find, so I did some research and started making my own.”

Rodgers, a self-described tomboy and card-carrying nerd, is celebrating 10 years running her nail polish company, Stella Chroma. She makes the carcinogen- and cruelty-free line from home, applying her science background to formulate unique colors, finishes and a hard-wearing lacquer.

Even though she’s not a girly-girl, Rodgers says her love of nail polish has led to her embrace fashion trends and beauty magazines as sources of inspiration.

To learn more about Stella Chroma or to shop, visit her website. You can also reach her by email at or connect with her on Facebook or Instagram.

If you’re someone who likes surprises, Rodgers offers a $10-per-month mystery polish subscription. She whips up one unique, small-batch formula each month that is available only to subscribers.

“It’s a super easy thing,” she said. “You input your information once and you’ve got a ready-made gift to yourself.”