This segment is sponsored by Jefferson Electric

INDIANAPOLIS — An Indianapolis company is working to help get more people off the grid.

Jefferson Electric CEO Joel Walsman says with increased destabilization and uncertainty in the electric grid, it is important to secure our energy. This is compounded by inflation and rising costs.

“An investment in solar energy and renewable resources is a fixed one-time investment as opposed to the three to 10% per year that is often experienced with utility prices,” said Walsman.

The company recently started an off-grid division, helping people buy their energy at a one-time upfront cost. Kendall Ludwig, director of Jefferson Electric’s off-grid division, said having the ability to disconnect from the utility grid is beneficial for several reasons.

“It’s a cost-saving measure over the long run,” said Walsman. “We’ve seen increases in utility prices from three to 5%. With things going the way they are now, it’s possible that that could increase in the future. And so, yeah, it really anyone can have some benefit.”

The company offers free estimates and consultations. Anyone interested in finding out if getting off-grid is right for them can contact Jefferson Electric at