INDIANAPOLIS — Motivated by her mom’s battle with Alzheimer’s, Shelly Rice and her husband Mark started pursuing a healthier lifestyle in hopes of warding off the disease.

The couple, lifelong Indy residents, learned that dehydration shrinks the brain, leading to issues like “brain fog” and, potentially, short-term memory loss. So they developed a botanical water to keep their brains (and bodies) hydrated.

Pure Memory Water is now sold in several stores and coffee shops around Central Indiana, including Fresh Thyme, Georgetown Market and Ice House Coffee Roasters.

The lemon- or lime-flavored drinks are sugar free with no calories. Ingredients include electrolytes, vitamin B12 and rosemary.

“Shakespeare said a whiff of rosemary helps you remember your lines,” Mark Rice said. “He was right.”

Mark Rice pointed to another effect of dehydration: reduced ability for the brain to flush out toxins. This “brain rinse” happens when you sleep, but if you’re dehydrated, Rice said, it’s kind of the brain rinsing itself with muddy water.

In addition to Pure Memory Water, the couple has developed an energy shot with many of the same ingredients that also has caffeine.