INDIANAPOLIS — No detail is overlooked when Chris Webb of Bearface Whisky is making cocktails, from hand-smoked rosemary to racecar-shaped ice cubes.

He shared recipes for two bold, race-inspired whiskey cocktails that are also refreshing for warm weather.

“You can make a whisky cocktail uber-refreshing. It doesn’t have to be white spirits only,” said Webb, sales director for the Canadian whisky company.

Check out Webb’s “bold and fearless” recipes below, infused with flavors to remind you of the racing experience. He even gets a little philosophical with his inspiration.

“The idea is there’s some fearlessness in what these guys are doing on the track. There’s some boldness, but also control and beauty,” he said.

Recipe No. 1: A twist on the traditional whisky sour

Recipe No. 2: Light and fresh with ginger, lime and honey

Fun fact about Bearface: The company breaks traditional rules by aging the whisky outside in the wilderness. They use bear-proof containers, and the employees who go out to check on the whisky as it ages have to carry bear spray with them as protection.