INDIANAPOLIS — Randy Sorrell is known for infusing emotion into his paintings.

“I’m an incredibly emotional guy, as my daughters will attest to,” Sorrell said. “For me, painting is just an incredibly emotional experience, regardless of the painting. You can pour joy into a painting. You can pour grief, which I seldom do.”

Sorrell said the emotion of the day was hope when he visited Indy Now, creating a painting from start to finish during the show. He condensed a process of 18 steps over three days to five steps in 45 minutes.

Most of Sorrell’s work is modern realism with impressionist influences, but he also dabbles in abstract. He began painting just 12 years ago, deciding to try it one day and never looking back.

Check out more of Sorrell’s work on his website,, or in Broad Ripple at Foundry 317. Follow him on Facebook or Instagram at @rsorrellart.