INDIANAPOLIS — This is the perfect time of year to relax outside with a good book.

Rachel Nevada Wood, public services librarian for the Indianapolis Public Library, joined us Wednesday with summer reading recommendations, plus all the details on the upcoming summer reading program for adults (with prizes).

Read Outside, the adult reading program, kicks off June 6. There are 16 challenges — 10 books to read and six outdoor activities.

Just for signing up, you get a reusable straw and case that attaches to your key chain. You’ll also be entered in raffles for bigger prizes like Indy Eleven tickets and Meijer gift cards. Complete eight of the 16 challenges to win additional prizes.

One of the challenges is reading a sports-related book, so Wood shared some recommendations to check that one off the list, whether you’re a sports nut who loves “Remember the Titans” style nonfiction or more of a romance novel fan who could go for a story about a retired NFL player looking for love.