INDIANAPOLIS — In honor of National Scented Candle Day, Brianna Doles and Sarah Chait of Penn & Beech Candle Co. stopped by to give us a lesson in candlemaking.

Unfortunately, we had a little “wax-ident” (hot wax crashing to the floor) before the show that prevented an actual demonstration, but Doles, the co-owner, and Chait, director of marketing and customer experience, gave us an overview of the process.

Penn & Beech, with locations in downtown Indy and Carmel, carries more than 100 fragrances to blend and incorporate into your candle.They have scent experts on site to help you decide which fragrances compliment one another in your custom blend.

When your fragrance is ready and incorporated into the hot wax, choose from more than 20 different vessels or jars in various shapes and sizes.

There are no set times for candlemaking (also called candle pouring) classes. Visit the website at to make a reservation, just as you would for a restaurant.

Beverages including beer, wine, mimosas and non-alcoholic drinks are served, and all ages are welcome to participate.

Right now, Penn & Beech is offering a special deal for Indy Now viewers. Mention the show for a buy three, get one free candle special.