INDIANAPOLIS — It’s National Peaches ‘n’ Cream Day, so we knew it would only be right to do the dessert justice by learning from a pro.

Indy Chef Tanorria Askew showed Co-host Ryan Ahlwardt how to pick ripe peaches, how to properly peel them, and how to make whipped cream (it’s simpler than you might think).

When choosing peaches, go for ones that are soft near the top but not super soft in the center. You can also smell them. If a peach smells sweet, that’s one to put in your basket.

For an easier way to peel peaches, boil them for 30 seconds then put them directly in a bowl of ice water. It helps to make a small x-shape in the skin with a knife, then start peeling from there.

Finally, whipped cream is just heavy cream that’s, well, whipped. Put a bowl of cream in the freezer for a while before you start whipping it with an electric mixer. Start at a slow speed and then continue to mix until you get the desired consistency, but don’t go so long that you end up with butter.

Add powdered sugar to sweeten the whipped cream, and you can also add flavors like vanilla. Askew likes to use a bourbon vanilla she makes herself.

If you’re interested in trying a new recipe using peaches, Askew’s “Staples +5” cookbook teaches you how to make peach hand pies, which are like miniature pies you can eat for breakfast or dessert.

Find more of Askew’s recipes at Tanorria’s Table and follow her on social for kitchen inspiration.