INDIANAPOLIS — You buy summer veggies with the best of intentions, but at the end of a busy week you realize they’re all rotting away in the fridge.

If this sounds familiar, try these three tips from Personal Chef Tanorria Askew:

  • Make a delicious dip — Raw veggies will seem a lot more appealing if you also have a tasty dip in the fridge. Try Askew’s easy-to-make veggie dip recipe with fresh herbs.
  • Roast veggies ahead of time — Roast a bunch of veggies when you get them as part of your meal prep. They’ll last throughout the week, and they will be quick and easy additions to your meals. Bonus: Kids are more likely to eat roasted veggies because they’re a little sweeter.
  • Embrace the chopped salad — Askew’s go-to lunch in the summer is a chopped salad using whatever veggies she has with hardboiled eggs, sunflower seeds, maybe a little chopped lunch meat and the homemade parmesan ranch recipe in her “Staples + 5” cookbook.

One final pro tip: When vegetables are on sale at the grocery, that usually means it’s an ideal time to buy them because they’re in season.

Askew is a personal chef and owner of Tanorria’s Table. She was a finalist on the seventh season of “MasterChef.” She also hosts a podcast called “Black Girls Eating.”