INDIANAPOLIS — Chef Terry Anthony from The Block Bistro and Grill came by to show us how to make his Block Party drink.

And by “show us” we mean he basically let us pour whatever we wanted into this concoction. Fresh fruit, tequila, rum, triple sec, pineapple-orange juice, Sprite, Kool-Aid — you name it.

Anthony, executive chef and owner of The Block, offers the “22 ounces of fun” Block Party drink at his downtown Indy restaurant, along with its 22-ounce cousin called Let’s Get Lit.

But if you can’t make it to The Block, he has good news for those who want to make it at home: “There is no wrong way to do a Block Party. It doesn’t matter.”

If you make the Block Party at home, be sure to post it on social and tag @indynowtv and @theblockbistro with the hashtag #blockparty.

Chef Terry brings the party to Indy Now every Friday, and be sure to watch next week when he tells you how to see the legendary Patty LaBelle perform in Indy for free.