INDIANAPOLIS — When former professional dancer Mariel Greenlee-Lunge moved to Indy 10 years ago, it took her a long time to get connected to all the community’s resources for dancers.

She decided to make that process easier for others by creating Indy Dance Council, an online platform to promote and organize everything happening in the local dance scene.

The IDC platform includes upcoming performances and events, a directory of studios, workshops, educational information, and resources not only for dancers but anyone who’s generally interested in dance.

Greenlee-Lunge stopped by Indy Now Friday with three dancers representing different styles: breakdancing, ballet and contemporary. We got a little preview of each style in a dance circle.

Greenlee-Lungu said her goal in creating the platform is to improve communication and sharing of information in the Indy dance community, as well as promote local arts.

“It took me years, like 10 years, to find all these different gems in our community. People have been here doing amazing things in dance this whole time and I never heard about it for years,” she said. “I wanted to take all that and shout it from the mountaintops. Make it easy to find, easy to know.”