INDIANAPOLIS — Erin Johnson ran 11 half marathons, joined many gyms and tried a ton of fitness classes but still dreaded working out. Dancing, on the other hand, felt more like fun than work.

In 2015, Johnson posted in a Zionsville moms Facebook group to see if anyone wanted to meet her for a free dance class. More than 40 people showed up that day, and Dance Fit Club was born.

Johnson, a stay-at-home mom, spent years renting gym, town hall and church spaces around Central Indiana for her classes. When COVID-19 hit, she moved the workouts outdoors. Her daughter, Delaney, eventually talked her in to calling about a warehouse space.

Dance Fit Club, now located at 10830 Bennett Parkway in Zionsville, offers dance, strength and yoga classes seven days a week from 5:30 a.m. through the evening. Livestream classes are also available. Single classes are $15, or you can sign up for a membership or multi-class pass.

Download the Dance Fit Club app for free week of classes. The week starts as soon as you redeem the trial membership, and you can attend as many as you’d like during that week.

Johnson describes Dance Fit Club as a supportive and inclusive community where “strength” is the goal weight. (However, she did lose 30 pounds through the dance classes.) You don’t need to be a dancer or know the moves ahead of time, and kids are welcome to join.

Long term, Johnson wants to open locations in other parts of Greater Indy and then expand across the country.

Learn more about Dance Fit Club on their Facebook page, Instagram or call 317-344-3184.