INDIANAPOLIS — Don’t believe the hype about the real estate market crashing, Nyles Edwards of Enhance Property Solutions said. In reality, demand is still higher in Central Indiana than what the home supply can support.

“We’re still not at equilibrium on the supply side,” said Edwards, the CEO and co-owner. “There’s still not enough houses to get people in.”

Born and raised in Avon, Edwards started his career running a landscaping company. Then he took a few years to learn the real estate market before flipping his first home in 2018.

Today Enhance Property Solutions is buying and renovating homes throughout the city. They buy homes in cash and renovate them to resell. They also buy commercial buildings and land, offering quick closings.

Enhance is not the best option for everyone looking to sell, Edwards explained. If you want top dollar, you’re willing to put in work and have time to wait for the right offer, it’s probably not. Enhance is a better fit for those who need to sell a property very quickly or don’t have time or interest in fixing it up.

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