INDIANAPOLIS — A dog named Lucky stumbled across his person on the side of the road, and vice versa.

Ramón Pena, a lead crew member for Interstate Business Solutions, felt a tug on his pant leg while he was working to clean up litter and trash from Indy’s south side. He turned around to find a puppy that appeared to be just a few weeks old. Pretty quickly, Pena knew he wanted to take the dog home.

Interstate Business Solutions is a company created by friends over a few beers to solve Indianapolis’ big litter problem, Andy Knopfmeir, co-founder and chief people officer, said.

They launched the company, won a few contracts and eventually landed a big roadway cleanup deal with the Indiana Department of Transportation. They grew from just four employees to 85, and now they clean up enough litter each year to cover earth’s circumference, Knopfmeir said.

Interstate Business Solutions is committed to diversity in hiring — 95% of employees are minorities. They also prioritize hiring people who have employment challenges such as a history of incarceration, homelessness or drug addiction, or people who are learning English as a second language. About 40% of the company’s crew members have been incarcerated.

Pena, who had just moved to from Miami to Indianapolis with his wife, was able to adopt the dog, and they’ve been best buds ever since.

Lucky was a very calm, good boy when he visited Indy Now, but for some reason he turned down our offer of a bratwurst left over from the prior segment.

For more information about Interstate Business Solutions or to apply for a job, visit their website at Follow them on Facebook at Interstate Business Solutions or Instagram at @cleanerhighways.