INDIANAPOLIS — Everything is cuter in a miniature size, if you ask us.

Amber Theodore, owner of Tiny Happy Place, started creating miniature scenes four years ago. Her intricate artwork includes nostalgic scenes, places around Indy she likes or memories from childhood.

There’s a scene depicting the bar at Bazbeaux Pizza, where she worked for more than two decades. There’s a bathroom complete with teeny tiny bottles of Aqua Net hairspray and CeraVe face wash. Earlier in the pandemic she created a series of black and white miniatures to reflect the overall mood at the time.

Theodore also likes to leave miniature surprises around town for people to find. If you stumble upon a tiny box of Count Chocula in the cereal aisle at the grocery store, that’s probably her. Fair warning though: It’s going to be hard to ring that thing up.

Check out more of Theodore’s work or buy it on her Esty store, Follow her on Facebook at Amber Theodore art, on Instagram at @tiny_happyplace or call her at 317-260-7296.