INDIANAPOLIS — We’re back with our amazing and delicious monthly segment we’re doing in partnership with Indianapolis Monthly Magazine – it’s ‘Taste Test Tuesday’ here at Indy Now!!

In this segment we will taste test a sampling of how different restaurants around town prepare the same dish, then determine what we like about each, and even may choose a favorite!

We love mornings around here, and what makes rising early even better? A fluffy, loaded breakfast sandwich… chock full of eggs, bacon and all the fixins’.

Today, we’re Taste Testing different Breakfast Sandwiches from several amazing restaurants across town, as featured in the NEW November Issue of Indy Monthly!

Our friend Julia Spalding from Indy Monthly is here to tell us what is so amazing about each one… Without further ado, and in no particular order… we present to you…

TASTE #1 : The BECCY by Sidedoor Bagel

  • The name is an acronym (kind of) for this bagel-based sandwich’s ingredients: bacon, egg, and cream cheese. Choose your bagel flavor—the hand-rolled sourdough options range from a Flaky Salt workhouse to Garlic White Cheddar, a flavor bomb well worth the 50-cent upcharge.
  • 1103 E. 10th St. |

TASTE #2: The Hibernator by Big Bear Biscuits

  • You might need a knife, fork, and unhinged jaw to attack this biscuit restaurant’s grizzly stack of bacon, cheddar, and buttermilk-fried steak covered in cream sawmill gravy.
  • 3905 E. 96th St.,  773 E. Main St., Brownsburg |

TASTE#3: The Early Burger by Easy Rider Diner

  • Caramelized onions, chipotle mayo, and a soft brioche bun would elevate any cheddar cheeseburger to a gourmet rank. This Fountain Square diner starts with that, adds egg, and offers it as a morning grab-and-go option.
  • 1043 Virginia Ave. |

TASTE#4: The Bodega Breakfast Sandwich by Love Handle

  • The iconic New York City sandwich squishes bacon, egg, and cheese inside a hard roll and sends you on your way. At this Mass Ave sandwich gem, you get to choose your meat (maybe you’re in the mood for some pork belly) and pair your morning meal with some gravy fries.
  • 877 Massachusetts Ave. | 317-384-1102

TASTE#5: Good Morning, Trapper by Cleo’s Bodega & Café

  • A toasted croissant slicked down with locally made Trap Buttah Sauce is the warm and flakey vessel that delivers a messy mouthful of broken-yolk egg and cheese at this Northwest-side grocery and cafe.
  • 2432 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. St. |

Which is YOUR favorite??? Be sure to head out to visit each of these amazing local breakfast spots soon to do a taste test of your own!

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