INDIANAPOLIS — OK, so we’re not in Joey Chestnut’s league.

The good news: This is nowhere near as gross as watching real competitive eaters.

Chef Terry Anthony of The Block Bistro and Grill loves a good challenge, so he organized the first annual Indy Now Hot Dog Eating Contest. Hosts Jillian Deam and Ryan Ahlwardt keep it interesting with laughs, dancing and lots of slow motion bites.

  • Indy Now hot dog eating contest

We can’t confirm or deny, but we might have turned the tables on Chef Terry and his little competition by “forgetting” to tell him about the slow motion part.

Click through the slideshow above for some classic and ridiculous photos from the contest.

Have an amazing Fourth of July weekend, friends! And if you decide to a hold a hot dog eating contest of your own, please share the photos and videos with us.

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