INDIANAPOLIS — The process doesn’t have to be overwhelming, but there’s some homework to do when you’re considering a move to a senior or retirement community.

Laura Roman, marketing director of Westminster Village North in Indy, has these tips, whether the search is for yourself or a family member.

  • Get a feel for the vibe: Spend time at the community walking around and talking to people to get a good feel for what life would be like. Chat with the residents and ask them questions.
  • Think about the future: Even if the housing meets your needs now, think five or 10 years out to what you might need then. Does the community offer the ability to transition to a more assisted type of living?
  • Research the company: How long has the community been around? Have there been any major changes like new management that could raise red flags?

Westminster Village North, located at 63rd and Sunnyside just south of Geist Reservoir, is hosting an open house on Monday, July 18 from 2-4 p.m. for potential residents. The afternoon includes food, tours and the chance to speak with residents.

Westminster also has a deal going right now: $7,500 off a two-bedroom apartment with a commitment by Aug. 15 and a move-in date of Sept. 30.

Visit for more information or call them at 317-823-6841.