INDIANAPOLIS — You probably associate virtual reality with young people or gaming, but senior citizens in Indy are getting in on the action, too.

American Senior Communities (ASC) has partnered with MyndVR, a company that creates entertainment and therapeutic virtual reality experiences for senior citizens.

Even when a person’s physical health is declining, said Tracy Hall, vice president of sales for MyndVR, their mind may be very active. Virtual reality allows them to explore, go on adventures, play with puppies or even relax and meditate, he said.

For memory care patients, virtual reality can be a calming tool during periods when they experience increased confusion, said Kristina De Graff, ASC memory care support specialist.

Starting next month, MyndVR will provide newer, lightweight virtual reality glasses to American Senior Communities locations free of charge. The glasses can be adjusted to each resident’s prescription so they don’t have to wear regular glasses during the virtual reality experience.

Visit the ASC website to learn more about the community or call 317-788-2500. Learn more about MyndVR’s technology here.