INDIANAPOLIS — Our Table American Bistro in Bargersville is a family affair.

Joe and Ginger Miller, parents of five, partnered with Ginger’s sister and brother-in-law to open the restaurant eight months ago.

They wanted to create an atmosphere where guests could make memories and enjoy the moment, so they set core values for the restaurant, which include making everyone feel welcome, offering warm hospitality, paying attention to the small details and serving the best quality.

“We want our friends and family and community to gather, make memories, have a good time — and that’s the best part,” Ginger Miller said. “What makes us a little different, I think, we are holding the door open to welcome all as they walk in. Our team is smiling.”

“It’s kind of like Starbucks sometimes inside,” said Joe Miller, the executive chef. “One table will pay for another table, you know, paying it forward.”

The beef tenderloin sliders are among the most popular menu items, made with slow-roasted beef tenderloin, a horseradish creme and fried shallots on a brioche bun.

They’re also making a name for their breads and pastries baked fresh daily by Chef Tanya and sold at their Saturday market, which goes from 9 a.m. to 10:30 or whenever they sell out.

Our Table American Bistro is located at 5080 IN-135, Suite A in Bargersville. Reservations are recommended, which can be booked online or by calling 317-530-2624.