INDIANAPOLIS — J. Lee shocked us with this admission today: His show, “The Orville: New Horizons,” is not actually filmed in outer space. WHAT?

If you want to take that up with him personally, you’re in luck. The actor is in town as a celebrity guest for PopCon Indy 2022, which runs Friday through Sunday at the Indiana Convention Center.

The film festival celebrates pop culture genres like fantasy, sci-fi, comics, anime, gaming and horror. Tickets start at $5 for one-day general admission and cap out at $90 for a three-day VIP pass.

Lee, a St. Louis native and Indiana University graduate, co-stars in “The Orville” sci-fi comedy series with creator Seth MacFarlane. The show’s first two seasons aired on FOX, and the third and final season is scheduled for release on Hulu tonight.

Lee also worked with MacFarlane on the hit animated show “Family Guy.” He started as a receptionist then became a production assistant and eventually voiced several characters.

“I was lucky enough to meet Seth and work for ‘Family Guy’ 30 days after I moved to LA,” he said.

Of course, we had to pump Lee for some little-known information on MacFarlane. Turns out he’s also a Grammy-nominated jazz musician who just released his third or fourth album.

Lee is also a musician. He got his degree from IU’s Jacobs School of Music before deciding to head west to try his luck as an actor.

“I tell people all the time if I can make you laugh, cry, smile, do better — I’ve done my job as an artist,” he said.

To keep up with Lee and his growing career, follow him on all social channels at @JLEEFILM.