INDIANAPOLIS — Lee Marcum, aka Dr. Donut, couldn’t be here in person because he’s spreading the Hoosier love in Florida and trying not to frighten the locals.

(Our southern friends need some time to get used to his humor.)

The doc joined us virtually to talk about chilly beverages at Jack’s Donuts to keep your energy up during this second week of extreme heat. In addition to signature drinks and iced coffees, the company recently rolled out Jack’d Energy Drinks in more than 15 flavors.

The energy drinks are plant-based with botanicals, amino acids, superfruits and B vitamins.

The real reason Marcum, CEO of Jack’s Donuts, is in the Sunshine State: The company just opened it’s first Florida location in Sarasota.

“Jack’s Donuts is really booming,” the doc said. “I really wish I were there with you today, but you know how it is, you’ve got to strike while the iron is hot.”

The company started in Indiana in 1962 with just one store in New Castle, and now it’s a big franchise with locations across the country.